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("Website" or "Website Owner" or "we" or "us" or "our") provides the information contained on this website or any of the pages comprising the website ("website") to visitors("visitors")(cumulatively referred to as "you" or "your" hereinafter) subject to the terms and conditions set out in these wbsite terms and conditions, the privacy policy and any other relevant terms and conditions,policies and notices which may be applicable to a specific section or module of this website.

1.1 Registration

You warrant that:
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1.2 Buying products on the website

By placing an order with the [Linen Cupboard London], you acknoledge to have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Terms of Delivery and Return Policy. If you are unhappy with any aspect of these, then you should email us before placing your order with us.

We must receive payment of the whole of the price for the goods that you order before your order can be accepted.Once payment has been received by us, we will confirm that your order has been accepted by sending an email to you at the email address you provide in your order form.Our acceptance of your order brings into existence a legally binding contract between us.All contracts are concluded in English.

1.3 Availability

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1.4 Prices and VAT

All prices on the [The Linen Cupboard London] are given in British Pounds Sterling (£) and are shown exclusive of UK sales tax (VAT) at the current rate of 20% and exclusive of delivery costs. The prices on the website are separately priced and are not connected with the London shop. The London Shop holds no responsibility for the pricing of the online website.

Please see the Delivery and Returns Policy for current delivery costs and other delivery information.

You must pay at the time of order.The price of any product is the price in force at the date and time of your order.We may change the price of any product before you place an order. We will inform you if a product's correct price is higher than that stated in your order and hence, you may therefore cancel the order. Prices due to market conditions fluctuate and customers will be notified via email before order is delivered.

2.Information on the Website

Whilst every effort is made to update the information contained on this website,neither the Website Owner nor any third party or data or content provider make any representations or warranties, whether express, implied in law or residual, as to the sequence, accuracy, completeness or reliability of information, opinions, any share price information, research information, data and/or content contained on the website(including but not limited to any information which may be provided by any third party or data or content providers) ("information") and shall not be bound in any manner by any information contained on the website.

The Website Owner reserves the right at any time to change or discontinue without notice, any aspect or feature of this website.No information shall be construed as advice and information is offered for information purposes only and is not intended for trading purposes. You and your company rely on the information contained on this website at your own risk. If you find an error or omission at this site, please contact us via email.

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6.Specific Use

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The Website Owner makes no warranties, representations, statements or guarantees(whether express, implied in law or residual) regarding the website, the information contained on the website, you or your company's personal information or material information transmitted over our system.

8.Disclaimer of Liability The Website Owner shal not be responsible for and disclaims all liability, damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential),personal injury or expense of any nature whatsoever which may be suffered by you or any third party(including your company), as a result of or which may be attributable, directly or indirectly, to your access and use of the website, any information contained on the website, your or your company's personal information or material and information transmitted over our system. In particular, neither the Website Owner nor any third party or data or content provider shall be liable in any way to you or to any other person, firm or corporation whatsoever for any loss, liability, damage(whether direct or consequential), personal injury or expense of any nature whatsoever arising from any delays, inaccuracies, errors in, or omission of any share price information or the transmission thereof, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon or occasioned thereby or by reason of non-performance or interruption, or termination thereof.

9.Use of the Website The Website Owner doesnot make any warranty or representation that information on the website is appropriate for use in any jurisdiction(other than Great Britian). By accessing the website, you warrant and represent to the Website Owner that you are legally entitled to do so and to make use of information made available via the website.


10.1 Entire Agreement

These website terms and conditions constitute the sole record of the agreement between you and the Website Owner in relation to your use of the website. Neither you, not the Website Owner shall be bound by any express tacit or implied representation, warranty, promise or the like not recorded herein. Unless otherwise specifically stated these website terms and conditions supersede and replace all prior commitments, undertakings or representations, whether written or oral, between you and the Website Owner in respect of your use of the website.

10.2 Alteration

The wo may at any time modify any relevant terms and conditions,policies or notices. You acknowledge that by visiting the website from time to time, you shall become bound to the current version of the relevant terms and conditions (the"current version") and, unless stated in the current versio, all previous versions shall be supersended by the current version. You shall be responsible for reviewing the then current version each time you visiy the website.

10.3 Conflict

Where any conflict or contradiction appears between the provisions of these website terms and conditions and any other relevant terms and conditions, policies or notices, the oher relivent terms and conditions, policies or notices which relate specifically to a particular section or module of the website shall prevail in repect of your use of the relevant section or module of the website.

10.4 Waiver

No waiver by us shall be construed as a waiver of any proceeding or succeeding breach of any provision.

10.5 Cession

The website Owner shall be entitled to code, assign and delegate all or any of its rights and obligations in terms of any relevant terns and conditions, policies and notices to any third party.

10.6 Severablity

All provisions of any relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices are, notwithstanding the manner in which they have been grouped together or linked grammatically, severable from each other, any provision of any relevant terms and conditions, polices and notices, which is or becomes unenforceable in any jurisdiction, wheather due to voidness, invalidity, illegality, unlawfulness or for any reson whatever, shall, in such jurisdiction only and only to the extent that it is so unenforceable, be treated as pro non scriot and the remaining provisions of any relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices shall remain in full force and effect.

10.7 Applicable Laws

Any relevant terms and conditions, polices and notices shall be governed by and constued in accordance with the laws of Great Britain without giving effect to any priciple of conflict of law. You hereby consent to the exculsive jurisdiction of the High Court of Great Britain in respect of any disputes arising in connection with the website, or any relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices or any matter related to or in connection therewith.

10.8 Comments or Questions

If you have any questions, comments or concerns arising from the website, the privacy policy, terms of delivery and return or any other relevant terms and conditions, policies and notices or the way in which we are handling your personal information please email us.